Cashless Bail Fail, Steps to Eliminate Natural Gas, Local Makers Madness Finalist, and More

Cashless Bail Fails: Six months of diminished public safety

Six months after the full implementation of the cashless bail, and other provisions, of the Illinois SAFE-T Act, Illinois residents are finding themselves anything but safe.

The headlines back up the concerns expressed by House Republican legislators about the SAFE-T Act. While hundreds of headlines have peppered Illinois news sources since the SAFE-T Act was fully implemented six months ago, below are some of the important stories you may have missed.

Illinois SAFE-T Act diminishes public safety:

Learn more about the House Republican Public Safety Working Group’s solutions to improving public safety for Illinois residents

March revenue growth came from only two cash flow lines

State revenue numbers tracked and compiled by the Commission on Budget Forecasting and Accountability (CGFA) show that the entirety of March 2024 year-over-year revenue growth came from: (i) federal funds from Washington, D.C., and (ii) money paid by Illinois residents in income taxes. The March 2024 revenue report  shows other general-funds revenue sources combined yielded a net decline of $58 million below March 2023 numbers. These declines included drops in net revenues from corporate income taxes, from taxes on electricity, natural gas, and other supplies bought through public utilities, and from taxes imposed on cigarettes, liquor, wine, and beer. 

Steps being taken to strongly discourage, or even ban, future use of natural gas

 Since the 1950s natural gas, a clean-burning fuel, has been a preferred source of energy for household heating. Almost all of the natural gas burned in Illinois comes from fields located in the United States of America and its territorial waters.

Now, however, a push has begun to wind down, and eventually abandon, the use of fossil-fuel natural gas. Discussions of this point have reached the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), the State panel that regulates natural gas usage and pricing in Illinois.

Around the District

Congratulations to everyone at Craig Industries in Quincy for progressing to the final round of voting in Illinois Makers Madness, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association’s annual contest to choose “the coolest thing made in Illinois”!

Craig Industries manufactures high quality insulated building panels that are used by other companies in a wide range of products. Craig made it into the contest final four this year with Mod Box insulated outdoor buildings.

Thanks to Craig Industries for helping make Adams County a cool place to live and work!