Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Families can do many things to increase the safety of their loved ones during Halloween trick-or-treating activities.

Fires, traffic accidents, and allergic reactions are common Halloween hazards. Costumes should be marked “flame resistant” when sold or made of materials so marked. With twilight the most popular time for trick-or-treating, costumes should be bright and reflective; if not, the one who prepares the costume can stick on strips of reflective tape. Any makeup should be pre-tested a couple days earlier to check for possible allergic reactions to any substance within the makeup.        

Many parents will want to inspect and sort the candies and other treats that their trick-or-treaters bring home. Commercially wrapped candies are not necessarily safe; candies can be unwrapped and re-wrapped. Any child food allergies known to the parents will be a potential issue. And some treats, in the hands of small children, are choking hazards.

Rep. Frese wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!