Rep. Frese: New Budget Spending May Result in Tax Increases

State Representative Randy Frese today warned tax increases for Illinois families may not be far behind passage of the Democrats’ $50 billion spending plan for Fiscal Year 2024.

Despite recent reports from the non-partisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability warning that state revenues are in decline, the budget approved this morning commits long-term funding for new state programs. It also includes specific appropriations for pay raises for legislators; their second pay raise of 2023.

“Another year, same budget policies from the majority party: record spending we can’t afford. While you continue to struggle with inflation, Democrats in the legislature just gave themselves their second pay raise this year!” Rep. Frese said. “This path is not sustainable, and there are no more pandemic relief funds to bail the Democrats out. Today, the spending increases were approved. More tax increases to pay for them won’t be far behind.”