Update-Three Weeks Left, New Crime Bills, Jacksonville Town Hall, and More

Three Weeks Left

We have three short weeks left before our scheduled May 19 adjournment, and we have yet to see an official state revenue estimate for fiscal year 2024 that should be the first step in crafting a new state budget. 

This week we were in session three days and passed a total of 5 bills, none of which addressed the important issues facing our communities such has skyrocketing crime, taxes, and consumer prices.

Bills Passed the House on 4/26/2023
HB1097 Mary E. Flowers HIGHER ED-GRANT-EXONERATED04/26/2023HouseThird Reading – Short Debate – Passed 071-040-000
HB2317hRobert “Bob” Rita FIRST-TIME FISHING LICENSE04/26/2023HouseThird Reading – Short Debate – Passed 112-000-000
HB2911 Lakesia Collins AGING-OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM04/26/2023HouseThird Reading – Short Debate – Passed 112-000-000
HB3257 Robert “Bob” Rita DYED HERMIT CRAB, GOLDFISH04/26/2023HouseThird Reading – Short Debate – Passed 111-000-000
Bills Passed the House on 4/27/2023
HB3479hMark L. Walker FINANCIAL REGULATION-VARIOUS04/27/2023HouseThird Reading – Short Debate – Passed 090-021-000

Our scheduled Friday session was cancelled. This is no way to conduct business in the people’s House.

Republicans Introduce Needed Public Safety Measures

This week the House Republican Truth in Public Safety (TIPS) Working Group introduced a series of measures designed to balance the rights of the accused while ensuring the safety of the public.

The working group began meeting in January, and focused on three specific areas in which changes are sorely needed:

  • Protecting Victims of Crime
  • The Real Pre-Trial Fairness Act
  • Recruitment and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers 

Bills introduced include:

HB 1390 – Sex offenders convicted of a felony sex offense are not eligible for probation.
HB 4052 – Reinstate cash bail as recommended by the IL SC commission report. 
HB 3358 – Requires each member of the General Assembly annually complete a law enforcement ride-along and a simulation training program. 

Spring flooding cycle begins

Authorities have posted flood warnings for the Mississippi River’s banks from Illinois’ northern border, near Galena, to the junction of the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers near Alton. On the opposite bank from Illinois, Iowa’s Gov. Kim Reynolds has issued a disaster declaration covering ten riverfront counties in the Hawkeye State. Parallel flooding has begun across the river in Carroll County, Illinois, and the river town of Savanna.

As in previous years, the high water is associated with snowmelt upriver, especially from watersheds in Minnesota and Wisconsin. As these floodwaters roll south, the fresh waters will crest on various days depending on location. In Quincy, Illinois the floodwaters are expected to crest from Thursday, May 4 through Saturday, May 6.

Heads Up! More Secretary of State Services will be by Appointment

More Secretary of State facilities will soon switch to appointment only for certain services.


Around the District

I had a great start to my week spending the afternoon and evening in Jacksonville. I met with Mayor Ezard, police and fire officials, and then talked with residents for several hours at a Town Hall at the Community Park Center. We had a great discussion about the future of the Developmental Center property, gun ban legislation, energy prices, taxes, and other important issues. I will be scheduling another Town Hall visit in Jacksonville and in other communities throughout our district soon!