Making Group Homes Safe, Supreme Court Considers End of Cash Bail, Madigan Trial and More

Ensuring Group Homes are Safe

This week was a busy week on the House floor, and also in a State Audit Commission hearing, where I and others called for a performance audit into state-run group homes for those with disabilities. Recent reports of alleged abuse require immediate action. I’m very happy to say that this is an issue on which there is strong bi-partisan agreement. You can read and watch more below about what I and others had to say at the hearing.

 Illinois lawmakers call for performance audit into state-run group homes | Illinois |

Illinois Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Constitutionality of Ending Cash Bail in Illinois

Illinois Supreme Court Justices this week directed questions to both sides of the dispute over whether the end of cash bail is Constitutional. A final decision is not expected for several weeks.

‘ComEd Four’ Trial brings Madigan’s Corruption back into the Spotlight

Over 100 government recorded conversations and phone calls will be featured throughout the ongoing ‘ComEd Four’ corruption trial. Opening statements began on Wednesday of this week in the federal corruption case that will shine light on details of a decade-long scheme to bribe and influence former longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan with lucrative lobbying contracts and no-show jobs.

 Key Global Credit Rating Firm Grants Illinois a Debt upgrade

Moody’s Investors Service, one of the largest credit rating agencies, moved Illinois general obligation debt to a ‘single A3’ rating. This standing, while far below that posted by affiliate agencies of neighboring states such as triple-Aaa Indiana, could grant Illinois taxpayers some much-needed relief in terms of the interest payable on State debts. Illinois is continually borrowing more money, and its credit ratings from Moody’s and other credit rating firms help determine the comparative level of interest rates that Illinois bonds must pay when they hit the global debt marketplace. These interest payments, which are made on bonds sold by Illinois and its affiliate agencies, are payments that must ultimately be paid by Illinois taxpayers.

In a time of sharply rising interest rates, Illinois must set aside more and more money every year to service its new and existing debt load. Moody’s decision could make this burden less crushing than it otherwise would have been for Fiscal Year 2024, which begins on July 1, 2023. Illinois House appropriations committees heard presentations this week on many facets of the FY24 budget picture. 

“Fostering Hope”

MIss Quincy, Shelby Rose, joined Representatives on the House floor Wednesday. “I was pleased to welcome her, and to announce that my office will be partnering with Shelby, and her organization Fostering Hope, to collect toiletries and other items needed to help foster children who may be moved from one location to another on short notice.” Watch below.

 Around the District

My staff and I are in the process of scheduling traveling office hours in communities throughout the 99th District. Times and locations will be coming soon!

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