Rep. Frese Sponsors Legislation to Protect At-Risk Children, Support Local Communities

Rep. Frese this spring is sponsoring legislation to protect children in the care of the state, and also to boost and support projects in local communities.

Rep. Frese (R-Paloma) this spring will work to protect at-risk children in Illinois as a member of the newly-formed Sustaining and Protecting At-Risk Kids House Republican Working Group. He is co-sponsoring a series of initiatives to investigate and correct ongoing problems at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) that are harming families and placing young children in jeopardy.

“Each and every year children die while in the care of DCFS or in homes that are on the Department’s radar. This is a tragedy that we must put a stop to, and we now have legislation filed that will help us do just that,” Rep. Frese said. “Our working group will continue throughout the spring to investigate and propose new ideas.”

New legislation filed  (HB 3618) would require DCFS to develop a plan to phase-in family services for at-risk families who are in need of continuing assistance and monitoring following an abuse or neglect investigation. Additional legislation (HBs 2935, 2937) would set up a new caseload tracking system for the department and require DCFS to report caseload information to the General Assembly each March. House Resolution 0038 stresses that the time is long past due for systematic changes to be made at DCFS to help protect children and prevent the department-related tragedies that occur each year.

In addition, Rep. Frese said he has introduced a new bill this month targeted to help with an important local project. House Bill 1609 would allocate $67.6 million for demolition and remediation of buildings at the former Jacksonville Development Center. He added that the ongoing construction and renovation at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy will be a continuing priority this spring.

“Supporting these projects are vital to Illinois families and to our communities. I look forward to helping see them through to completion,” Rep. Frese said.

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