Rep. Frese Reacts to Gov. Pritzker’s Budget Address

State Representative Randy Frese today stressed that taxpayers will soon be on the hook to pay for new spending proposed by Governor J.B. Pritzker in his annual budget address. Before a joint session of the Illinois House and Senate, Pritzker today proposed a nearly $50 billion spending plan that continues to rely on temporary and one time funding sources to pay for new, ongoing spending increases.

“Families are struggling with record inflation at every turn, including skyrocketing grocery and utility bills, but that isn’t stopping Governor Pritzker from working to lock Illinois taxpayers into long-term spending commitments for new programs using short-term revenue sources that will soon no longer be available,” Rep. Frese said.

Rep. Frese also noted that Governor Pritzker proposes no significant structural changes to spending pressures under this budget. No permanent property tax relief has been extended, and no regulatory relief has been implemented.

“In fact, tax increases are already in the works, Some Democrats are again pushing for a progressive income tax hike, despite the fact that Illinois voters resoundingly rejected that plan in 2020,” Rep. Frese said. “My Republican colleagues and I are here to work. We want to make reforms to state government to fund our shared priorities and keep government functioning effectively by living within our means,”

Some of the budget reforms Rep. Frese has endorsed include:

  • Requiring Balanced Budgets.
  • Holding REAL, meaningful budget hearings which respect minority voices and provides for public input and transparency.
  • Give taxpayers REAL Tax Reform – eliminate the franchise tax on employers, property tax relief for families and businesses, and reducing the harmful impacts of the estate tax on family farms.
  • Returning excess income tax collections to taxpayers instead of sweeping it to be used to fund things like politician pay raises.