Quincy Family Inspires New Insurance Coverage Law

Representative Randy Frese and Senator Jil Tracy this week presented the Jeff Terry Family of Quincy a signed copy of Senate Bill 2158,  inspired by their family’s experience being initially denied medical insurance coverage for treatment for their child born with a port wine stain birthmark.

Port-wine stains are the result of blood vessels that are unable to constrict normally and remain dilated. These blood vessels can become more dilated and susceptible to spontaneous bleeding or hemorrhage following minor trauma. Senate Bill 2158 (Public Act 102-0642) ensures that health insurance will cover treatments for children 18 and younger that are intended to prevent medical complications associated with the port wine birthmarks. 

“Port wine birthmarks can lead to serious medical complications for young children. This legislation does not require coverage for cosmetic treatments. It simply ensures other families won’t have to go through a lengthy appeals process, as the Terrys did, to have medical treatments for their child covered,” Rep. Frese said.