Rep. Frese: Governor Not Honoring Agreement on Job Creating Business Reforms

Governor Pritzker today introduced a $41.588 billion proposed spending plan that relies on $41.708 billion in state revenues, including roughly $1.5 billion in additional revenues that are currently not provided for under state law.  Additionally, the Governor’s budget proposal contains nearly $1 billion in new taxes on job creators across Illinois he plans to achieve by rescinding vital business reforms he negotiated with Republicans two years ago.

“This Governor cannot be trusted and I have no patience for his hypocrisy,” said Rep. Frese.  “When agreements and concessions are made in the process of a negotiation, it is necessary for both sides to live up to, and honor, the agreements and concessions that they made.  This Governor has chosen not to honor the agreements that he entered into in good faith.  To that point, the Governor proposes to withdraw assistance that would help Illinois employers.  Assistance that would allow companies to re-invest, to become more competitive, and to keep them operating within the State of Illinois, is now in danger of being discarded.  We cannot sit idly by and allow this to happen…there is too much at stake.”

“Also, it seems that if you disagree with this Governor, he considers you to be a ‘right-wing carnival barker’…well, step right up ladies and gentlemen, and see the governor who continues to drive people and businesses out of the great state of Illinois!” Rep. Frese concluded.