JCAR Update: Small Business Penalty Order Withdrawn!

Statement of State Representative Randy Frese on today’s withdrawal of the Governor’s executive order criminalizing small business owners who reopen early

“Today, the emergency rule to make and enforce a business in defiance of Gov. Pritzker’s executive order a Class A Misdemeanor, was withdrawn by the Governor and the Illinois Dept. of Public Health.  This tremendous overreach by government had no business being considered in the first place.  Business owners throughout the State, after having their doors forcibly closed by government more than 8 weeks ago, are doing everything in their power to keep their establishments above water.  The State of Illinois may be able to continue to operate after 20 years of being over budget…but small businesses cannot. 

My thanks goes out to all the concerned residents of our State that took the time and effort to inform the Governor that his impending actions were wrong.  He listened to you.  You won!  Now let’s get to work on a full and complete reopening of our great State,” said State Rep. Randy Frese (R-Paloma).