Rep. Frese: Governor’s Budget Plan Needs a Lot of Work

After hearing the Governor’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2021 today State Representative Randy Frese said the plan definitely needs a lot of work.

“The Governor’s budget address is a blueprint for state revenue and spending goals…and this blueprint needs a lot of work,” said Representative Frese (R-Paloma). “First, he’s proposing to increase spending by more than $2 billion and relying on the graduated income tax increase that won’t even be voted on until fall to pay for it. That’s fiscally irresponsible. Also, nowhere in the budget proposal did we hear anything about growing our economy, creating jobs, or tackling our skyrocketing pension debt. We owe it to the taxpayers to take a different approach: rein-in spending where we can and ease families’ tax burden to help our communities thrive.”