Governor Signs into Law Rep. Randy Frese’s Legislation to Better Equip Veterans Homes

Springfield – Honoring a commitment to Illinois’ veterans, including those at Quincy Veterans Home, State Rep. Randy Frese (R-Paloma) announced that Governor Rauner signed his legislation that creates a new revenue stream to supplement funding for Veterans Homes, and also better staff them.
The legislation will allow Illinois Veterans Homes to issue decals for special license plates. Currently there are many special decals that support Veterans, but none that specifically support Veterans Homes. All costs and fees for the new decals shall go toward additional funding for Illinois Veterans Homes.
Additionally, the Governor signed legislation that provides educational grants for eligible registered professional nurses working in Veterans Homes. Each year an individual receives a grant under the program, called the Nurse Loan Repayment Program, he or she must complete a 12-month period as a registered nurse in a State Veterans Home.
Rep. Frese stated, “I introduced and passed this legislation to increase funding for Veterans Homes and to increase the pool of applicant nurses looking to work at these Homes. Together these new laws should better equip our Veterans with the resources they need and help the staff that serves them.”
House Bills 6149 and 5938 were signed into law on Sunday, during a ceremony to honor Illinois’ Veterans at the State Fair, and are now Public Acts 99-0814 and 99-0813.