Effective Budget, Effective Reforms

For over a year, Illinois has needed bipartisan negotiations to produce a balanced budget that meets the needs of all of the Illinoisans that it serves, while enacting reforms to set the state on a brighter economic path forward. While this effort has seemed uneasy in Springfield, at this time rank and file legislative members from both sides of the aisle are meeting, and my hope is that we will all see effective budgeting with political games taken out of the formula. 

Illinois’ typical political games are no longer acceptable at this time, as agencies and individuals have been calling my office daily for the funds they deserve and desire. We haven’t had a budget in over a year, and it’s time for any compromises to get real results. Illinoisans called for reforms in Springfield, and they should be given those reforms with an effective budget, right now.

It is my hope that the Chicago Democrats that have controlled the House and Senate for a long time, and that have to this day brushed aside reforms as unnecessary to their typical process, take the negotiations that have been taking place into honest consideration.

Uncompromised control of the budget will obviously not be signed into law. Illinois needs reforms to grow jobs so that more people are paying the taxes Chicago Democrats crave. And the more people paying taxes, in effect less taxation will be needed.

We just have to see the reforms we all know Illinois needs in one effective, compromised budget.

-State Representative Randy Frese


Chicago Democrats Bring Spending Plan that Ignores Bipartisan Budget Compromises

House Republicans took to the press corps to explain the rules that were broken by House Democrats who cut short debate on a 500 page, $40 billion spending plan that was dropped an hour before it was called.  The process in Springfield is broken.  We need to #reformIL