Governor Rauner Vetoes “False Promise” to Students

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rauner today vetoed legislation that falsely promised MAP grant recipients their educational funding. The Governor has long warned that legislation from the General Assembly without a proper way to pay for it could not be approved.

Rep. Frese stated, “The majority party insincerely sent the Governor legislation that promised MAP grant funding, without the funding. They seem to believe that the Governor will stray from his promise to taxpayers to ensure that state spending is done with a proper spending plan. Not only this, but Democrats refused a hearing for House Bill 4539, which offered a funding mechanism for not only MAP grants, but also community colleges and public universities. If they want to continue to play political games, they should take our state’s young minds and the institutions and scholarships that educate them out of their deceitful process.”

Rep. Frese hopes to see MAP grants given their proper funding mechanism, as just yesterday Governor Rauner suggested the General Assembly pass a clean education bill to show good faith to Illinois’ School Districts.