Rep. Randy Frese Pleased to Announce the Passage of Key State Funds

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Randy Frese (R-Paloma) is pleased to announce the passage of various significant state funds to his House District.


Rep. Frese stated, “With the passage of Senate Bill 2039, veterans homes, motor fuel tax receipts for roadway projects and road safety, statewide 911 services, breast cancer research, domestic violence shelters, and lottery payments will all receive due funding. I do realize these items are vital to so many in my District, and I cannot wait to call our community leaders to inform them of this long-awaited appropriation. I also cannot wait to tell this news, in person, to all those good people I have met at Quincy Veterans Home. I was happy to support the amendment that collectively passed all of these funds, and I hope to see our General Assembly continue to progress through cooperation. While many key budget issues remain unsolved, this is a vital step forward for local government.”

It is anticipated that the Illinois Senate will promptly convene its members to concur with the House on Senate Bill 2039, and Governor Rauner has already stated his support of the appropriations.