With no Budget in sight, Rep. Frese Co-Sponsors legislation to ensure state & university employees are paid

Springfield – With the State of Illinois set to begin Fiscal Year 2016 without a budget in place, State Representative Randy Frese (R-Quincy) will co-sponsor legislation to ensure thousands of state and university employees will still receive paychecks.

As a result of Governor Rauner’s veto last week of the Democrats’ $4 billion unbalanced budget, there is no budget resolution in sight, with both sides deadlocked over spending and taxes. Without a budget in place by July 15, the State will be unable to make payroll for employees in numerous agencies.

With vital state and university services to the District in mind, Rep. Frese has co-sponsored House Bill 4245. The bill ensures that state and university employees continue to be paid, thereby continuing vital services during the state’s budget impasse.

Rep. Frese said, “I did not want to see this legislature reach an impasse, but just because it has, state and university employees should not see their pay halted. We want to pay those workers who remain diligently performing their duties, such as the ones at nearby Western Illinois University, and the ones at Quincy Veterans Home within my District. Bipartisan negotiations have not won the day in Springfield yet, but this would be a necessary appropriation to pay the hardworking state and university employees that provide vital services to our students, communities, and veterans.”