State Representative Frese Votes against Political Games

Springfield…State Representative Randy Frese (R-Quincy) voted Present during the political charade House Democrats displayed on the House Floor while debating a Right to Work bill sponsored by Speaker Madigan. The bill’s sponsor and the majority party had no intention of actually passing the legislation.

Rep. Frese stated, “This vote was simply more political theater and a power grab from the same failed Democrat leaders who have bankrupted our state and hurt its middle class families. Our economy’s turnaround does not begin with more of the old political games by the Democrats. I voted Present with the intent to show support for Governor Rauner and the continuation of a true turnaround for Illinois. Working class families deserve better than the shameful display put on today.”

The fabricated debate lasted hours as House Democrats exclaimed against a piece of legislation built under false pretenses by Speaker Madigan, before the General Assembly moved on to real legislative matters that contained true content for the betterment of Illinois.