Rep. Frese Passes House Bill 3213 from House Floor

Springfield…State Representative Randy Frese (R-Quincy) passed House Bill 3213 from the House Floor with unanimous approval. To help local veterans, the legislation intends to increase accountability and clarify legal authority within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Representative Frese stated, “House Bill 3213 does many things for veterans and the way we in Illinois ensure they are cared for. It adds that the Department of Veterans Affairs can now maintain a volunteer group force that may include representatives without limitation or constraints from any educational institution, labor organization employer, church, or farm organization. It adds that a veteran or spouse of a veteran, once admitted to an Illinois Veterans Home facility, is then considered a resident for inter-facility purposes should they require skilled care. It also allows the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to conduct fundraising to benefit a Veterans’ Home’s member’s benefits fund, and it adds that the Department may operate cemeteries at the Manteno Veterans Home and the Quincy Veterans Home. This official recognition by the State of Illinois will allow these two Homes the opportunity to seek Federal funds for cemetery upkeep. With the full support of the Department of Veterans Affairs, this legislation was drawn with the input of veterans to ensure that we do our best to serve those who served our country. I hope to see it receive the same respect in the Senate as it did in the House of Representatives.”

After its passage from the House of Representatives, House Bill 3213 moves to the Senate for further consideration.